Best Cleaning Podcasts For Commercial Cleaners

Did you know that listening to podcasts can be a great way to boost your business? Commercial cleaning podcasts provide helpful tips and advice from experts in the field, helping you to optimize your cleaning processes and grow your business.

Today, I am introducing you to the best cleaning podcasts. That is to say, my five favorite commercial cleaning podcasts that you should definitely check out if you are looking to improve your cleaning business skills.

The Benefits Of Listening To Commercial Cleaning Podcasts

Firstly, podcasts are a great way to get information and entertainment without having to be physically present. Secondly, they provide learning, getting inspired, and staying up-to-date on the latest news. Further, there are many different podcasts to choose from.

So, here are some of the best commercial cleaning podcasts that can give context and advice for those looking to start or improve their business:

#1 The Business of Cleaning

The Business of Cleaning a commercial cleaning podcast
The Business of Cleaning, a commercial cleaning podcast

The Business of Cleaning Podcast episodes focus on quality over quantity. For example, the episode’s corresponding blog post includes helpful links and resources. Likewise, they include quick links to audio, video and written transcripts of the episodes which is considerate for the listener’s media preference.

Janitorial Manager, the janitorial management software producing the podcast, focuses on helping commercial cleaning companies be successful and profitable. However, they do not constantly hit the listener over the head with ads to buy their software. Consequently, I find that to be very classy and refreshing. In conclusion, I like this podcast very much and highly recommend it.

Topics covered:

  • Marketing
  • Employee retention
  • Training and certifications
  • Leadership
  • Customer Retention
  • Purchasing Groups
  • Data security
  • Company Culture

#2 The Profitable Cleaner

The Profitable Cleaner
The Profitable Cleaner

What I like about The Profitable Cleaner podcast is that it provides commercial cleaning companies information and advice to help them be successful. And, DayPorter, the company that produces The Profitable Cleaner, is a sales training/support service. As a result, their motivation to provide great content aligns well because sales is the most important aspect of a business succeeding.

In their own words, “DayPorter provides you with the best industry sales resources when it comes to closing more deals for your commercial cleaning company.”

Topics covered:

  • Leads and sales
  • Marketing
  • Proposals
  • Cashflow
  • Profit
  • Website Improvements
  • Business Growth Stories
  • Branding

#3 Cleaning and Cocktails

Cleaning and Cocktails
Cleaning and Cocktails

Firstly, Cleaning and Cocktails is a limited podcast series centered around supporting business owners of commercial cleaning companies by providing interviews with other owners and discussing specific topics. In addition, fellow commercial cleaning business owners host the podcast which provides an atmosphere of camaraderie and certainly makes it comforting to listen. 

Moreover, one of our clients, Advantage Cleaning Inc in NYC, is a guest in the episode: Cleaning in the Big City. Certainly, we think that is a great thing.

In conclusion, I hope they come back and continue making more of them because they are great.

Topics covered:

  • Transitioning from residential to commercial
  • Insurance and getting insured
  • Business development
  • Bidding
  • Being a minority owned business
  • Supply chains
  • Business Growth Stories
  • Branding
  • Margins

#4 Cleaning Up: A Commercial Cleaning Podcast

Cleaning Up Commercial Cleaning Podcast
Cleaning Up: A Commercial Cleaning Podcast

Damien Boehm hosts Cleaning Up: A Commercial Cleaning Podcast and UrbanClean, an Australian commercial cleaning franchise, produces it. In short, they say, “A podcast about all things business, commercial cleaning, and franchising! Each episode, we bring new insights on growing and building a janitorial business.”

My take on Cleaning Up podcast is that it is very professional and has valuable content. In other words, you learn something new and helpful in each episode. In short, don’t miss out on this podcast.

Topics covered:

  • Employee hiring and retention
  • Franchising
  • Success mindset
  • Client retention
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business growth

#5 Grow My Cleaning Company

Grow My Cleaning Company
Grow My Cleaning Company

Mike Campion hosts Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast.

Firstly, the episodes are short and easy to listen through. That is to say, they are more like tips and pointers, not going into to a lot of detail. Secondly, the conversation is upbeat and positive. In addition, there is a large library of episodes that you can browse through and enjoy for a long time.

Topics covered:

  • Referrals
  • Creating systems
  • Success mindset
  • Sales
  • Hiring
  • Problem solving
  • Google and Facebook ads
  • Positive thinking
  • Marketing
  • Finding ideal clients

In Conclusion

In conclusion, if you’re looking for commercial cleaning tips and advice, check out one of these five podcasts. Above all, they’ll help you to better optimize your cleaning processes and grow your business.

  • The Business of Cleaning
  • The Profitable Cleaner
  • Cleaning and Cocktails
  • Cleaning Up: A Commercial Cleaning Podcast
  • Grow My Cleaning Company

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