How to increase mobile page speed & why It’s so important

How fast is your website loading for a smartphone user, at the moment right when they need you?

If the answer is anything other than “instantly”, you’ve got some tweaking to do.

All it takes is a slight delay for a visitor to turn away. Mobile users are even more finicky, with over 50% calling it quits after just three seconds of waiting. Search engines also look at your website load speed when deciding which websites are the better match for a search.

If you want more customers, we need to do something about the load speed of the website.

Most website receives more traffic via smartphones than computers, and therefore we need to increase the lead speed of your website but first, you need to speed test your website.

Check how FAST your webpages load, here on Google’s Pagespeed Insight >>

Web Core Vitals page load speed

What typically slows down your website is large images, videos that load automatically, background graphics, plus different tools you may have integrated to your website causing your website to have to run scripts while the user is trying to load your website on their mobile phone.

There are a few plugins to your WordPress site that you can install which will help you automatically compress images and scripts. It will do a fairly good job of speeding up your website.

In the admin interface of your WordPress site, select “plugin” in your menu.

Then select “New”

You can search for the following plugins to help increase your load speed.

  • “Imagify”

There are several plugins for compression of javascript and css but the one we find is the most effective is WP Rocket. WP Rocket works well with “Imagify” and our preferred wordpress platform “GeneratePress”. WP Rocket needs to be downloaded from their website and costs about $49 per year but is well worth it.

These options will help you automatically compress large images and scripts to increase the load speed of your website.

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