Customer Stories

We have helped commercial cleaning companies and local service companies getting more website visitors and leads to growth their businesses, since 2017.

Universal Janitorial Services


The original website had one page for all cleaning services and very little organic traffic, and therefore did not generated any leads.


Following a detailed analysis of popular search terms for commercial and janitorial cleaning services for Universal’s local service areas, we created a new and extensive website.

The website new contains dedicated service and facilities pages, as well as a blog post section that helps the website generate both traffic and “request for estimates”.


Universal’s website now generates a continuous flow of leads every week, from office cleaning to national security contractor cleaning contracts.

Universal janitorial services website
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Advantage Cleaning


Advantage Cleaning is in growth mode and the goal is to double revenue in 12 months.

The website had one page for all services and not blog posts area to facilitate the creation and growth in organic traffic, and lead generation.


Organic traffic

LeadPillar provided an extensive keyword analysis and created a new and extensive website for all cleaning services offered. A keyword and content creation plan was created to drive growth of traffic a leads to the website.

Direct Outreach

The identification and capture of perfect-fit-customer leads for direct communication via email and telephone.


Today, 8 months later, the website is generating a steady flow of “request for estimate” (leads) and combined with leads from direct outreach, we expect to reach the growth targets.

A Little Local Flavour, Nashville Food Tours


Starting your own business is a challenge of juggling every single element of running a business. The founder of A Little Local Flavor, Nashville food tours, founded the business in 2018 but needed help to increase her tour bookings, so she could eventually go full-time and focus on scaling the business by not having to do everything herself.


  • On-page SEO optimization to improve organic traffic.
  • Optimization of page load speed.
  • Improvement of visitor-to-booking conversion rate.


In less than 30 days we had optimized the website for keywords, faster load speed, and generated 57% more customers and revenue.

+57% more customers and revenue

By optimizing the website information and product descriptions, we increased the share of visitors who book and pay a tour.

+20% faster load time

Visitors now spend 10% more time on the site and 57% more end up buying a tour.

The 57% increase in sales on a five digit revenue means that the founder is now finally full-time in her new business in less than 45 days after we started the optimization process. Yay!

A Little Local Flavor Nashville's Best Food Tour
Christine Hughey

After implementing Lead Pillar’s website recommendations our sales revenue has doubled! Traffic to our website is up 10% and our conversion rate has increased from 3% to over 8%!

– Christine, Owner A Little Local Flavor, Nashville TN