About Us

Søren and David started Loud Carrot in 2017 while helping our two first customers a flooring shop in Memphis TN and RadicalU.com. RadicaU an online tradeschool for entrepreneurs by none other than Michael E. Gerber, ““the World’s #1 Small Business Guru” and author of “E-Myth”, needless to say we were excited, and finally at “home” focusing on helping entrepreneurs scale and achieve the success they dream of.

Today we are still driven by helping small and medium sized Commercial Cleaning Companies find and reach their perfect-fit-customer with a message that resonates, and a path to scale their growth. We have helped many owners of local businesses, and specifically owners of commercial cleaning companies, growing their revenue through online marketing.


Meet Our Team

Along with a powerful team of partnering vendors, our leaders each have a set of talents that compliment beautifully to make a very powerful dynamic.

Søren HansenLead Generation
David RhodesWeb Development

We are entrepreneurs that live to support the success of other entrepreneurs who’re determined to serve their clients first before anything else. We believe in preeminence from ourselves and our clients. If you’re like us, we might be a good fit on a common mission … your growth.

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27424 Vera Rd
San Antonio, TX 78260

Who Do We Serve?

Commercial cleaning companies, and SaaS are two specific segments we extensive experience in and been serving exclusively for nearly 5 years.

Our customer relationship last for years, because we deliver measurable growth, and emphasize personal relations through our frequent weekly conversations and meetings where we evaluate progress.

What Do We Do?

We are here to deliver measurable results for our customers. We take goals seriously, and we help keep ourselves and our customers accountable. Our frequent meetings on us understand

Why We Do It

At Loud Carrot we have been helping companies grow leads and sales, with the personal outcome of financial growth and more financial stability to the lives of the owners and employees. This is our BIG why.