+70% of all purchases has already been researched online

This means that the consumer has shortlisted their options and on to the next stage in their purchasing process. It is therefore very important for any business to be present at the early stage of a purchasing process when the consumer forms their mind on the product they are about to buy. Buying a floor is an important and no small investment, so extra careful thoughts and time are invested and you want to be the one who guides them to the finish line. So there is no alternative than to be available online.

Where Must People be Able to Find my Flooring Store online?

There are a few very important places where your local prospects are looking for flooring and you need to be there. It’s where they find your phone number, a link to your website, your address, customer ratings, and where they get directions to your flooring store.

My Business page on Google

One of the very important places to be is on Google and more specifically “My Business Page”.

It’s growing in importance and so because Google is putting a lot of work behind it and it takes up a lot of the space on top of a Google search result. It’s important because it is how Google provides searches with search results that include local businesses like yours.

Your Website

In order to be placed in the top-3 of the local businesses in a google search result, you need to have filled out your My Business page correctly but you will also need your website to be ranking well for those same keywords.

Without your website, you will not be able to use paid advertising, provide valuable information on your service, show them your excellent product range and in general help them through the awareness, consideration and decision process of selecting the best floor for their house or apartment.

So your website is still your top priority among all other channels, it’s your home base.

Online Local Business Directories

The local business directories are the likes of Houzz.com, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Yelp and a lot of others. These are helpful websites because they help the user filter through a lot of local businesses, show rating, and products. People can reach the flooring store right away by the phone number and location provided. So you also need to be here.