Why Lead Generation for Flooring Stores is challenging

If you are struggling with online lead generation to your Flooring Store and looking for an answer to how you can get more customers in your flooring store, while competing with national flooring discounters, then you have come to the right place.

More and more floor shops are created every day. We see it in the locations of the Flooring Stores & Flooring Installers we help with lead generation. As you are building your floor shop, deciding on store layout, which floors to carry, which suppliers to chose, deciding on pricing, how to offer installation and how to market. It’s hard starting a new business and there is A LOT that needs to be in place for the opening. After that, you have to manage your marketing, sales and installation process and constantly train your staff.

We get it.

Why your online presence is important


+70% of all purchases has already been researched online

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This means that the consumer has shortlisted their options and on to the next stage in their purchasing process. It is therefore very important for any business to be present at the early stage of a purchasing process when the consumer forms their mind on the product they are about to buy. Buying a floor is an important and no small investment, so extra careful thoughts and time are invested and you want to be the one who guides them to the finish line. So there is no alternative other than to be available online.

How To Calculate & Reduce Churn

February 7th, 2020|0 Comments

If recurring revenue is a island of singing nymphs on a greek island, then churn is Medusa who just turned you into a stone before you could reach the island ... bummer. Churn, monthly [...]