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Dear Client, 

Your Website Was Attacked

Over the last two weeks there was a huge wave of website hacking that happened. You can read the story about it here: article where we discovered what the source of the problem was.

Apparently these software programs crawl sites and look for any type of vulnerability including cracking passwords to access the admin area. This occurred back in June. Once inside the admin area of a site there was a code script installed. Two weeks ago, the script was activated and the mayhem began. Website URLs were being redirected to other sites such as pornography, spam sites, affiliate clicking sites.

It was a total nightmare.

A few of our own clients’ sites were affected by this and it was a nightmare. Google Ad campaigns were shut down by google for site visitor safety, our clients’ customers were calling to alert or complain about the problem as well. Even the admin log-in pages were being redirected to spam sites so we couldn’t get access inside to shut the site down while we worked to fix it.

We worked nonstop for several days to clean the website databases of this malicious code and install new security measures for passwords and log-in pages. Everything is back in order and we consider it a big success. But a major set back to the work we do for our clients because this took a lot of time/money.

After the large scale attacks by hackers installing malicious code on so many websites two weeks ago, we have chosen to be more proactive in our efforts to provide the best service for the sites we have within our platform. Your site is one hosted with our agency so I am sending you this notice so that you’re aware that it’s available to you.

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Site Security Package

Repairing a site is expensive & we handled it for you this time, gratis. Grab the premium version of our once – only price as our way of saying thank you for being a great client.

Package includes:

Daily Site BackupMonitoring Site Up-Time / AccessibilityUpdating Security SettingsRestoring Site In Case of Hacking & Errors

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