There are different ways to attract customers to your flooring store both online and offline. Any consumer will be using more or all of them to form their research, get inspiration, and guidance on flooring options, price level, what suits their needs the best.

Some may even form a very strong opinion on what brand of flooring they want and start looking for flooring stores that carry that brand.

Awareness stage

The process typically starts on Google where a person would look for information on “What flooring is best for my kitchen”, and “What are the best tile flooring for my kitchen”. People are entering questions in search for answers.


Once they have a better idea of what type of flooring that works best for their needs, they will become a little more specific and e.g. look for brands that provide the type of flooring they are considering.


The person may not have formed a decision on the specific floor and brand they want, although some may. However, they are now better prepared to take the step of going to a flooring store in their area and alternatively call an installer, who can help them with the installation and figure out how much it would cost to have the floor installed.

Understanding the customers buying process is important because it helps you decide on which content is needed on your website but it is also important when you create your paid advertisements on e.g. Google Adwords, Facebook etc.

, which has many different variations and not just the example described above.

So you need to consider using multiple channels to market your flooring store. Online is a very dominant place for the consumers first