How to Scale Your Lead Generation (2-6 months)

In the next 3-6 months you will start generating leads.

Scaling your paid advertising campaigns

Find search keywords relevant for your Flooring Store and location

Keyword optimization of your site and content

Scaling Your Paid Advertising Campaigns

By now your agency should be able to show you which paid advertising campaign works in generating phone calls and foot traffic in your flooring store and at an affordable cost.

Search engine optimization of your website.

By finding the keywords that relate to your Flooring Store Name, Service, Product Categories, and Location, you have well ahead of +85% of your competition.

We find that very few, aside from the national flooring stores, have an online presence and significant website traffic.

Among the keywords you have found you will see that some are “easy” and some are “not so easy” to get you in the top of search results.

With the keywords, monthly traffic estimates and difficulty, you can now decide on what the name of your URLs and page titles should be, Menu item names, and headlines on each page. This way you can design your website to target the keywords that you know, in time, will generate traffic.

An important note is that these pages now will serve well for your Adwords and Social Media Ads as well. So great all around.


The classic keywords on a flooring shop category pages are “Hardwood Flooring” and “Laminate Flooring”, which are high-competition keywords and hard to rank for.

Instead, you could use a category menu like “Solid Wood Flooring”, under which you could use less competitive keywords like “Classic Oak Wood” and “Dark Oak Wood”. By finding low-competition keyword areas you will increase your likelihood of ranking in the top-5 and top-3 and generate relevant traffic and leads for your flooring store.

Download a free flooring specific list of keyword here >>

Keyword hierarchy - Flooring stores

A Keyword Map Will Help You Decide Which Keyword Goes Where on Your Website

Keyword mapping is the process of assigning relevant keywords to the different pages on a website based on thorough keyword research. It’s an important aspect of on-page search engine optimization that will allow search engines to see the page’s relevancy based on a user’s search. – Adam Bate @ SEOBrothers

Mapping the group of keywords that goes to a webpage is much like an outline for an essay. It should have ONE important keyword in the title and related keywords included in the text.

You will find that the mapping of keywords and related keywords to a webpage makes it a lot easier to stay focused on providing answers and content according to the search intent of the keyword. This makes the searcher happy because it was as good or better than they expected.

An added benefit is that you avoid re-using keywords across different pages, also referred to as keyword cannibalization, which is counterproductive to getting good ranking of your content.

Link for download of Keyword Mapping Tool goes here

Start creating a few high-quality blog posts

Using your blog area to create high-quality information for the top 5 flooring related problems people have when selecting flooring, is something we have very good success with. A customers search often starts with gathering information and at that stage, they are looking for educational content that can help them answer their biggest struggles, concerns, and doubts. This type of blog posts should typically have a title in the form of a question.


“What type of hardwood floor is best for dogs” will help the customer eliminate a concern and attribute it to your level of expertise and service.

As more and more people use their smartphones to search, they will get local search results, so you will be competing for top-10 position among your local competitors, which is good because your chance of a top-10 position is now A LOT bigger.

A last important piece of content to put on your website is a section that explains “We are servicing the following areas”, and list the “City Name, State”. It’s not required that you have a store in each of these areas, your store can still service surrounding cities within 10 or 20-mile radius.

This information will tell the search engine where you should be included in local searches for flooring and installation.

Why your website need to load “fast”

How fast is your website loading for a smartphone user, in the moment right when they need you?

If the answer is anything other than “instantly”, you’ve got some tweaking to do.

All it takes is a slight delay for a visitor to turn away. Mobile users are even more finicky, with over 50% calling it quits after just three seconds of waiting. Search engines also look at your website load speed when deciding which websites is the better match for a search.

If you want more customers, we need to do something about the load speed of the website.

Most flooring website receives more traffic via smartphones than computers, and therefore we need to increase the lead speed of your website but first, you need to speed test your website.

Check how FAST your webpages load, here on Google’s Pagespeed Insight >>

What typically slows down your website is large images, videos that load automatically, background graphics, plus different tools you may have integrated to your website causing your website to have to run scripts while the user is trying to load your website on their mobile phone.

There are a few plugins to your WordPress site that you can install which will help you automatically compress images and scripts. It will do a fairly good job on speeding up your website.

In the admin interface of your WordPress site, select “plugin” in your menu.

Then select “New”

You can search for the following plugins to help increase your load speed.

  • “Autoptimize”
  • “WP Optimize”

These options will help you automatically compress large images and scripts to increase the load speed of your website.

Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Check how MOBILE-FRIENDLY your web pages are here >>