Create Your Google My Business page

Optimizing Your My Business Page is one that all of us can do and it’s a very important activity that will help you show up as one of the top-3 local businesses with contact details and customer reviews.

In almost half the cases people don’t click on the link of a google search result and having all the contact information of the local business right there, is one of the major reasons why people don’t click to go to the website.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Goal: More phone calls from potential customers directly from the Google search result page.

Create Your Google My Business page

If you have already created your My Business Page on Google, you can skip this step and move on to the section below “How to Optimize Your My Business Page”.

Why should you create a My Business Page?

+45% of searchers do not click on the search result link in Google.

This means the almost half of the searchers get the information on Google’s search result page that they were looking for. So you need to be right there when it happens.

Example: You are looking for a flooring shop or installer in your area. As a search result, Google will show you a list of Flooring Stores, their associated Google Review Rating, Phone Number, Address / Map, and a link to the website. So 45% or more is happy with the phone number and address and don’t click, whereas the rest 55% will click on the website link of one of the listed flooring stores.

Creating Your Google My Business Page is easy but a bit old fashion or charming if you are not receiving any snail mail in your mailbox anymore. Once you have clicked the link below to create your My Business Page, you will enter your business address, and phone number.

Google will tell you that they will send you a letter to your business address with a code you need to enter, in order to verify your address. The letter with the verification code will arrive in 4-5 business day.

Create Your Google My Business page here >>

Once you have Creating your flooring store profile on Google’s My Business Page will ensure that people can find you when they search for flooring related terms. In more than 50% of they cases, they will search, using a smartphone, which means they will see “Flooring Stores Near Me”, “Flooring installer Near Me” etc. These are the searches that create instant phone calls or foot traffic for your flooring store.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

Is your My Business Page showing up in the top 3 in all the areas you are serving?

If you are not, then you can click on one of the three on the top-3 to open the entire map of Flooring Stores in your area. You should be listed there if you have a My Business Page already. If you are not, then you have some editing to do on your account to make sure that you do.

There are more elements to show up in the top-3, which relates to how well your website ranks for those keywords, your Google reviews and more.

Optimizing your My Business Page will help you start climbing to the top-3.

Add or Edit Service-Area Business Details

Once you have logged to Google My Business Page

You will see a menu on the left-hand side. We will start to look at the “Info” section, click that.

Let’s check the categories you have selected for your flooring store.

GMB Categories
The MAIN category is dependent on what type of flooring store you have; Wood, Carpet, Tile

The ADDITIONAL categories you can select according to your product and service offering.

These are the ones available for flooring related businesses:

  • Floor sanding and polishing service
  • Wood and laminate flooring supplier
  • Wood floor installation service
  • Wood floor refinishing service
  • Flooring contractor
  • Carpet store
  • Carpet installer
  • Tile store
  • Tile contractor

You can only select ONE main category and 9 additional categories.

Edit Service Areas

Service Areas are important as well. It tells google when your business is relevant for a local search. If you haven’t indicated all the surrounding towns you are serving, you will only be considered for the town of your business address.

So make sure you add all the areas that you serve, within a reasonable distance of your store. It’s important.

Add photos

Here is your chance to shine, showing off your immaculate flooring installations, their beauty, and variety, and all the different flooring types you are offering. It’s great inspiration for the customer and, more and more searches are done, where the searcher changes from text to image search. We experience a constant increase in image views on our clients My Business accounts.

If you are offering installation, resurfacing and more. Consider uploading pictures that emphasize that.

A piece of good advice, add your logo to the images you upload so that you help the searcher spot your name incase the download the picture for reference. Hint, hint.

Edit Services

It’s not quite clear yet what the “services” are used for by Google, yet. Whether the services and the keywords used here serves a basis for ranking, is not clear. They are not visible to the searcher when clicking on your My Business Page, yet. Whether they will we don’t know yet.

So we can’t say that this is an important factor in improving your Business Page ranking. Bottom line is that we are not confident that it is significant, yet, but expect it will be at some point.

It is in Google interest to provide as much information as possible so searchers stay on Google rather than move to our websites, so we estimate that it will become a factor at a later stage.

If you have a Business Page, you should check to see if you have a complete listing.

  • Have you indicated ALL the cities, states or countries that you serve?
  • Have you listed ALL the service categories relevant to you?
  • Have you described ALL the services you have to offer?
  • What about the pictures, are good quality and showing the customer what they can expect to receive from your flooring store?
  • Are your receiving Reviews from customers on the great service they receive from you?

Collecting Google Reviews for your business helps create confidence and a higher probability of the user to click on your Business Page in Google for a phone number, address, directions or link to your website

Why are online reviews important for your local business?

Reviews on My Business Page

Key statistics from a Local Consumer Review Survey

  • 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses (including 95% of people aged 18-34)
  • Consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a local business
  • 40% of consumers only take into account reviews written within the past 2 weeks – up from 18% last year
  • 57% of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars
  • 80% of 18-34 year olds have written online reviews – compared to just 41% of consumers over 55
  • 91% of 18-34 year old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 89% of consumers read businesses’ responses to reviews

Source: “Local Consumer Review Survey 2019”

So once you have created your Google My Business Page you can start collecting customer service reviews. You may want to consider sending a thank-you email to your customers asking them for a review, once you have delivered and installed their new flooring, and if they even add an image, they are awesome :-)

Creating your business profile in important business directories

Download a list of business directories for flooring stores here >>

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