Setting up paid advertising like Adwords can be a very valuable test for what makes customers click your ads and what makes them contact you on your website. This has the benefit of giving you more customers on your website, more phone calls and more visitors in your store.

Adwords is a great way to find out which search terms are able to generate leads that you can turn into customers.

You will need to do keyword research for this or ask an agency or a freelancer to do it for you. We say this because as an owner or manager of a flooring store you will not have the time to do this, and getting it right, is very important.

We strongly recommend hiring an Adwords specialist on one of the great services that offer vetted freelancers. These freelancers have done it hundreds of times and are very price competitive for a flooring store like yours. It will save you a lot of time and money, and just as important, you will get up and running fast and start generating new customers faster.

If you do venture out to master this your self, here are the first steps you will need to take.

  1. If you haven’t already you can create your Google AdWords account here to get started >>
  2. Copy the Adwords script from your new account and place it on your website.
    • This is to ensure that your Adwords and Google Analytics tracking can count how many visitors from your Adwords, arrived on the page.
  3. Keyword research. An Adwords campaign consists of a text and/or image ad based on the selected keywords you want the ad to show up for.
    • In Google Adwords there is a Keyword research tool that will help you find keyword ideas related to a keyword you have entered, like “hardwood flooring”. If you want quick access to flooring related keywords, you can download our list of keywords here >>
  4. For a guide on how to create your first Adwords, Google is a great place to look >>

Don’t forget to setup low cost retargeting ads on Google and social media

Buying a floor is a discovery process, so people will shop around to get inspired before they decide to visit a flooring store or book an In-Home appointment.

After they have left your site, they will visit other sites, and shortly after forgotten about you. Retargeting ads are inexpensive and will remind the visitor of your flooring store when they visit other websites with advertising, Facebook or LinkedIn. These ads are typically what pulls the visitor back to look for your phone number, address or book an In-Home appointment.

If you are not familiar with creating Ads on Google and Facebook, we recommend finding an agency or a vetted freelancer on It is NOT efficient to use your own time on this. The cost of a freelance Adwords, Facebook Ads specialist, is very reasonable compared to your hourly rate. The quality is excellent, and the freelancers are vetted. We use freelancers for the customers we serve as well, for the exact same reasons. These guys and girls are fast, good and low cost…. and you will be up and running with your new campaign in days, not weeks or months.

If you decide that you want to master this your self, we have highlighted the steps and linked to the Google guides that will help you get this done.

What you will need to do is first decide on where the customer should see your ads after they have visited your website. We recommend Google Display Ads and Facebook Ads.

Setup Your Retaget Audience

You have to create a “retargeting audience” which is a small piece of code to get from your Google Adwords account and your Facebook Ads account. It stores a small piece of code that allows identification of the customer who has visited your website so they can show retargeting ads to these people on websites that show Google Display Ads and on Facebook.

Google Display Ads will put your ads in front of people on thousands of websites that show these ads.

Retargeting Ads on facebook will only show your Facebook ads to those who have visited your website, so the cost is significantly lower and get more clicks than your regular Facebook Ads.

Google Display Remarketing Audience

  1. Sign in to AdWords.
  2. Click the Campaign tab.
  3. In the menu on the left, click Shared library.
  4. Click Audiences.
  5. Click Set up remarketing.

You will need to place the remarketing code on your website, once you have created it in Google Adwords.

You can follow this guide to complete this step Setting Up Remarketing For The First Time >>

Create Your Google Display Ads (retargeting ads)

Once you have added the piece of code to your website, you can start creating the retargeting ads in Google Adwords.

Guide to Creating Your First Google Display Marketing Campaign >>

Facebook Ads Retargeting Audience

Login to your Facebook Ads Manager

Click on the Top Leafhand corner “Business Manager” menu.

Select “Audience” and indicated in this screenshot

In the next view, select “Custom Audience”

Now you need to decide which custom audience you want.

Select “Website Visitors”

Now you get a chance to Name your Audience and decide for how long visitors to your website should see the ads.

We imagine that people will spend less than 60 days to decide on their flooring so 30 days should suffice.

Too long of a period will cost you money advertising to customers who have already made a decision and invested and the customer will be irritated looking at an ad which has no relevance for them anymore.

If you take our advice and hire an agency or freelance Adwords expert, we suggest

Google Display Ads can be created in your Google Adwords Account