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David Rhodes
David RhodesCreative Director & Founder
From a graphic communications education to a direct response marketing application, David has built and sold several small businesses with his belief of being a marketer 1st, business owner 2nd. Now he’s a champion for his fellow entrepreneurs of the world who take the risks, spill the blood sweat, all in the effort to make their clients’ lives better. He knows what it’s like and takes his role very seriously.
Søren Hansen
Søren HansenCEO, Founder
B2B Lead Generation and optimization of leads to sales conversion for the past 12 years for B2B businesses, online marketplaces, flooring shops & installers, Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing companies.
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Loud Carrot started in 2018 to combine two sets of skills and experience into somethign that would excite us and enable our clients to achieve results faster, with higher certainty, and the use of the SaaS marketing model of lead generation, marketing automation, and complete funnel tracking. It’s not news in SaaS but it represents the biggest growth opportunity for the service industry.


We are digital experts who have almost tried it all in online marketing. What excites us is the end result for you and your clients, really. We gravitate to the perspective of your prospects and your clients, because it enables us to understand their struggles, desired outcome, and build a marketing system that will keep providing you with leads after we are gone. The growth we provide our clients is what really excites us.

We help you:

  • Connect with your ideal prospects in any market
  • Keep your funnel consistently filled with prospects and grow your existing clients.
  • Shorten your sales cycle by providing data for you to prioritize your sales resources.
  • Increase win rates.
  • Scale and automate your inbound marketing and lead generation.


Our clients provide services to both business and consumers, and range from small business enterpreneurs to large companie across United States and Northern Europe.

Some of the industries we have helped clients grow their revenue, scale their lead generation, and automate their campaigns and lead nurturing.

  • SaaS
  • FinTech
  • Commercial Cleaning Companies
  • Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing
  • Food Tours & Hospitality
  • IT Services

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