How to Dominate Your Local Area for Flooring Stores

The online search world is getting increasingly “local” to serve consumers who want local search results for products and services. This is a major opportunity for businesses, like your flooring store, in pursuit for more leads as you now have the opportunity to compete against the national flooring companies with deeper pockets.

To win more leads in your local market it is very important that you optimize your website and start creating your business profile online in business directories that support the local market. Customers and clients are looking for your flooring store online and there is a big opportunities for better lead generation and improved conversions in your local area.

Local SEO Stats that are important for your flooring store

  • 92% of people prefer to interact and do business with a company that appears on the first page of local search results.
  • The Top-3 local businesses, related to the user’s search phrase is showing in Google search results.
  • 72% of searchers who did a local search prefer to visit a store within five miles.
  • 32% of searches conducted on smartphones are location-based.
  • 86% of users look up the location of a business on Google Maps before they interact with it.
  • The Google “near me” smartphone searches have doubled over the past few years.

Optimize ALL Your Webpage Titles & Meta Description

Use the phrases and keywords from your keyword analysis (or the keywords you can download here >>) for optimizing your webpages.

It is recommended that you use a keyword analysis so that you know you are using popular keywords, and not keywords with very low or none existing search volume. It would be a pity to do the work and then not get any traffic and leads in return.

If your website is created in WordPress, you should install a free version of Yoast SEO plugin. It will enable you to easily change the title and meta description of all your pages.

Pick ONE keyword for webpage Title, Headline, Text and Image Alt tags

Using e.g.:

“Laminate Flooring for Your Home – Flooring Store Name”.

The title should include the keyword, you can then add to that, to make it more desirable to click, and end with your Brand name.

Your meta description should be slightly more descriptive e.g.:

“Wide selection of premium laminate flooring … Visit our friendly flooring experts for a free design consultation. Call us on 555-124-1423.

When you select the keyword for your page Title and Meta Description, make sure you pick ONE and don’t use it on other page titles and meta description. Search engines will consider it “duplicate content” and be confused as to which one they should show, and you could risk poor ranking of the page.

Yoast SEO snippet Wordpress

Webpage keyword optimization

Rather than rewriting what has already been done perfectly well in a nice graphical representation, by QuickSprout here.

Credit goes to:

MOZ, serpIQ, Neil Patel, and MunchWeb

Include Your Customer Reviews in Google Search Results

Not a lot of Flooring Stores across the country has included their product and service reviews in their search results, like you see above.

As emphasized earlier, customers are relentless about looking for many, good, resent, reviews before they decide which store they visit in their local area.

If you a using a WordPress site, you can download a plugin to include your Google Reviews in your search results.

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